Access your Looker business insights more easily than ever

Create new ways to find your data, make the most of your business intelligence and get everyone on the same page by integrating Treasure Data and Looker.

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Treasure Data output to Looker diagram

Stop working for your data and start working with it

How are users using your product? What do they want, where do they spend their time, what do they ignore and how can your team maximize its efficiency?

Take all of the guesswork out of these questions and put the answers at your fingertips by integrating Looker and Treasure Data. Process data as it comes in using Treasure Data’s jobs and analytics. Access that business intelligence from anywhere using our seamless web interface. By improving both analysis and access, Treasure Data lets you understand your customer data better than ever and enables every member of your team to work with the best, most recent information accessed wherever and whenever they need it.

By making intelligence easy to understand and even easier to access, we can get your business working better and faster than ever before.


Use Cases

Real Time Data Reporting
Stop waiting around for actionable data. Analyze your customers’ habits as the data is collected.

Web Visualizations
Maximize your team’s communications with a web-access that ensures everyone is on the same page.

Define Success
Define your metrics and set parameters so your team knows what works and what does not work right away.

Combine and Monetize Your Data

Looker + Business Intelligence

Maximize the value from your data with our proprietary visualizations.

• • •

With total visibility of all your data presented in sharp and clear terms, set goals and meet them without ever having to wade through spreadsheets again.

Looker + Analytics

Business is about data, so do not get caught without understanding yours. Thanks to Treasure Data’s AI tools, you can process data to your specifications as you collect it.

• • •

Bring just-in-time data together with powerful analytics to make sure that your business knows what it needs to, when it needs to.

Looker + Scalability

Never worry about keeping up with success again. With Treasure Data’s scalability and flexible platform, your data can keep up with its own growth.

• • •

When business is growing, the last thing you want is to worry about infrastructure. Get the most out of your Looker data with an integration that can help you keep up.

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How it Works



Enable the Looker Business Intelligence Data Connector with a simple, 3 minute setup.


Unify and Analyze

Analyze your Looker data beyond what’s possible in Looker reporting with a few lines of SQL.
Use the visualization tools available inside Looker via Treasure Data’s web integration to make the most of your BI platform.

How it Works



Use Treasure Workflow to automate your analysis, save time and minimize errors. No more Excel work on Sunday before the Monday team meeting.

Available Looker Data


Any standard objects including: logs, web analytics and more.


Looker custom objects including: any objects stored inside Treasure Data.

You're in good company

Treasure Data’s solutions are used by 4 of the 5 largest global tech companies with proven scale in managing more than 200 million events per second. These brands are a few of the happy customers who count on our complete and innovative data solutions to grow their business.

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We understand that no two companies operate alike. Our professional services team can help you configure a self-managed solution that meets your budget. Our highly attentive technical support staff is always on hand whenever you need assistance.

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