Breathe a Second Life into Marketing

Linden Lab Uses CDP, Lookalike Modeling to Find New Customers and Personalize Customer Experiences

Linden Lab’s Second Life—“the largest user-created universe”—helps people create online communities, experience virtual worlds, make real money, and enjoy the endless possibilities of online entertainment. And as people create and interact in online customer experiences, their behavior gives marketers clues about what other experiences and online products they might also enjoy.

Second Life’s challenge was to understand customer behavior to fuel new growth. The key to unlocking that growth was finding a way to unify customer data—often siloed in many different marketing platforms—to find new customers, and to help existing Second Life players get the most entertainment from their virtual customer experiences.

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Lookalike modeling, predictive scoring, machine learning, and AI helped Second Life achieve these literally game-changing results:


More than 300% monthly ROI on Treasure Data CDP


17 percent lower customer-acquisition costs


Data exported to 25 different targets

Reached all marketing targets to date, in first two years’ CDP use

Using data to drive new product development


Second Life’s marketers knew siloed data—which resided in many different martech platforms—was costing them the opportunity to connect with customers more deeply and personally. They needed predictive analytics and connectors to their diverse martech systems to automatically personalize and customize member experiences. And they needed to gain insights about targeting and segmentation, for more efficient new customer acquisition. They also wanted to orchestrate cross-channel campaigns.


The Treasure Data Platform (CDP) now integrates a wide variety of incoming raw, non-personally identifying data, such as locations visited in-world and time spent in various regions. These data sources are used for analysis and are exported to some 25 targets, including Mailchimp, Google Ads, Facebook, and other systems. The Treasure Data CDP’s 150+ pre-built connectors for data integration combine with sophisticated data cleansing to make it easy to unify data and orchestrate cross-channel campaigns.

With the help of the Treasure Data personalization API, Second Life marketers can use automatic, CDP-driven cookie matching for a much higher success rate in reaching and converting new users, saving money by excluding people who are unlikely to engage. And with the insights gained from the Treasure Data CDP, the team can generate new ideas for additional experiences and enhancements.

Choose from 150+ pre-built connectors to activate all data, even previously siloed customer data

Use CDP-driven cookie matching for better success in reaching and converting new customers

Orchestrate more efficient campaigns using multiple channels

Use lookalike modeling to reduce customer acquisition costs by 17%

Personalize customer experience for better retention and cross-marketing, using AI and machine learning

“The efficiencies enabled by the Treasure Data platform allow us to run more and better campaigns, do more testing, leverage our most valuable marketing channels to their full potential, and connect more deeply and personally with our users—all of the high-impact marketing activities that just weren’t possible before Treasure Data…It has easily paid for itself three times over”

Darren Helton, Sr. Marketing Manager, Second Life, Linden Lab

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