Integrate Customer Data at Any Scale Across Your Enterprise Technology Stack

Collecting more data about your prospects and customers alone won’t ensure your next campaign success. But integrating data from your key systems and every source into unified customer profiles is proving to be the secret sauce for campaign success in many modern companies. A deep understanding of your customers means you don’t have to guess about their interests.

By using Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud, you can reduce the need for data cleaning and preparation. With identity resolution you can combine behavioral, transactional, real-time, streaming, and batch customer data. You can identify signals and turn them into actions—all in a single system.

Aligning customer interactions at every level of your organization

How would you use your customer data if you knew the profiles and segments were complete?

Your creativity for marketing campaigns is endless. But, you need access to more accurate and complete customer data to be successful. Treasure Data provides a more complete picture of your customers. This means you can create better strategy, better segmentation, and faster time to results for everything from ads, to e-commerce, to sales and service. Prebuilt integrations and automatic data cleansing allows you to be more agile with your campaigns.

You can move your marketing plans from ideation to activation faster and with fewer errors. Identity resolution helps you follow your customers across channels, devices, and brands. With this holistic customer view you can recognize individuals and personalize your messages. Securely combining data integration, identity resolution, and single customer views allows you to deliver a powerful connected customer experience.

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Digital Transformation at Asian Paints

Treasure Data’s unified customer view transforms our customer touchpoints by allowing us to have more contextual interactions. Beyond digital marketing, we are in the process of leveraging Treasure Data at our contact center to improve our ability to convert the prospects into our customers.


Deepak Bhosale

Deepak Bhosale
General Manager of IT
Asian Paints

Technical Benefits

Single Customer View

Single customer view

A 360° customer view with PII data can take your ABM efforts to the next level. Combining this information simplifies your segmentation decisions. A single customer view informs your insights about who your customers really are. You can create better personas, develop successful campaigns, personalization, and customer experiences. Using a schemaless ingestion solution means you don’t have to format your source data—allowing you to unify data sets without sacrificing agility.

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Customer Privacy Protection and Compliance

Customer privacy protection and compliance

Customer trust is the ultimate outcome of value. This trust demands transparency and respect for their data. Data governance and security and privacy management are central to building trust. A secure CDP and infrastructure ensures geo-specific consent for every piece of customer data, every time across all channels, brands, and teams.

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Integration and Data Cleansing

Integration and Data Cleansing

Enterprises are collecting more data than ever before. Making decisions with data that isn’t complete, clean, or trustworthy creates problems. By automatically cleansing and enriching your customer data, you can turn it into actionable customer profiles.

Treasure Data allows for schemaless ingestion of data which speeds up the collection process as well as conforms to changes made at the data source.

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