Choose the Right Technology to Achieve Omnichannel Retail Success

Retail TouchPoints Research Report: Winning at Omnichannel Retail

This groundbreaking report is a must-read for everyone guiding strategies at large retail organizations. Based on surveys of prominent retail professionals, it reveals and explains what successful retailers are doing to survive and even thrive in this era of cutthroat competition, including:

  • Which channels saw the most industry-wide revenue increases last year?
  • What are the most valuable ways omnichannel strategies improve retail results?
  • Which often-neglected omnichannel strategy that works best to lure customers to stores?
  • How far along is the industry in adopting winning channels and technology?
  • What omnichannel techniques boost customer engagement and lifetime value?
  • Which data analytics technology helped Muji, a retailer with more than 650 stores, boost in-store revenue by 46 percent?

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