How to Be on the Right Side of the Retail Divide

Thrive in Chaos with Data-driven Strategies

Worldwide, there’s a growing retail divide. Those retailers that can use data and business intelligence (BI) well, soar to new profitability heights. Those that can’t, face retail death by 1,000 cuts. This report—“Refining Business Intelligence: Turning Today’s Data Tsunami into Actionable Insights”—explains how to use data and AI-powered business intelligence effectively, including:

  • 6 tips for collecting and using BI to prosper
  • How successful retailers are using data-driven personalization to increase profits
  • How to pick the right technology for your business

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Luiz Gama, Senior Global Martech Manager, AB InBev

“Treasure Data is our center of marketing…our key to how we’ll live in a cookieless world, in an even more digital environment, and still connect with our consumers.”

Luiz Gama

Senior Global Martech Manager, AB InBev

Saito Kazutaka, General Manager of Digital Innovation, Subaru

“The volume and variety of data we collect helps Subaru build customer loyalty and distinguish our brand for success in a highly competitive transportation market.”

Saito Kazutaka

General Manager of Digital Innovation, Subaru