COVID-19: How Targeted Personalization Helps Business Adjust

Retail Touchpoints: Customer Personalization Has Never Been So Important

Marketing experts say personalization can help you acquire and retain customers even in crises like COVID-19

Omnichannel Personalization Has Never Been Such a High-Stakes Marketing Strategy

How should you adjust your marketing strategy in the COVID-19 pandemic—and beyond? But how can you market effectively and economically to each individual customer? The answer, say the experts, is omnichannel retail personalization—often implemented using Customer Data Platforms, or CDPs. This Retail TouchPoints report, “Personalization Gains New Relevance as COVID-19 Challenges Brand Loyalties,” explains how personalization could just be the retail strategy most critical to post-pandemic success. Download the report to learn from experts and marketers with real-world experience:

  • 4 steps to increase customer retention and reduce customer churn
  • 5 top technologies for achieving profitable personalization
  • The product curation and personalization strategies that have paid off big for ThredUp and Stitch Fix

Don’t miss this chance to learn new tips and strategies for coping—and perhaps even thriving—in the current tough marketing environment.

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