Introduction to Customer Data Platforms

Introduction to Unified Customer Data for Marketers

Marketers know they need unified customer data but haven’t been able to get it. The Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a new class of system that makes solving the problem considerably easier than older alternatives. This paper describes the requirements needed to provide unified customer data, shortcomings of conventional approaches and characteristics that make Customer Data Platforms a superior solution.

What are Customer Data Platforms?

The CDP is defined as “a marketer-controlled system that builds a unified, persistent customer database which is accessible to external systems.” This high level overview provides the value and importance of CDP’s to marketing, sales and BizOps teams. Co-written with industry leader David Raab.

The white paper will cover:

  • Unified Customer Data
  • Customer Data Platform options
  • Benefits of using a Customer Data Platform over alternatives
  • Realities of Customer Data Platforms

Learn what makes a CDP the must-have tool for marketers, and what makes it a central customer data hub. Download the paper today

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Luiz Gama, Senior Global Martech Manager, AB InBev

“Treasure Data is our center of marketing…our key to how we’ll live in a cookieless world, in an even more digital environment, and still connect with our consumers.”

Luiz Gama

Senior Global Martech Manager, AB InBev

Saito Kazutaka, General Manager of Digital Innovation, Subaru

“The volume and variety of data we collect helps Subaru build customer loyalty and distinguish our brand for success in a highly competitive transportation market.”

Saito Kazutaka

General Manager of Digital Innovation, Subaru