CDPs Keeps Asia Innovatingin Retail

Martech helps Asia Competing in the World’s Fastest-growing Retail e-Commerce Market

In many Asian countries, consumers usually have their mobile devices within arm’s reach. By making purchasing and shopping effortless for consumers, retailers across Asia are capitalizing on timely, targeted offers and advertising. These innovative companies are quick to adopt the newest technologies, such as CDPs, to meet customer demands and deliver unique experiences in real-time.

This Retail Touchpoint report shows how big-name brands and retailers use CDPs to create profitable, personalized customer journeys. See how:

  • Shiseido sees 20% in-store revenue increase per loyalty program member
  • Parco leverages IoT-based promotions resulting in 25% increase in purchases

*Asia retailers are modeling a data-fueled future in this report “Why Asia Remains a Retail Innovation Hub”!

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