Is your martech stack future-proof?

eTail Report: The Evolution of Personalisation—Creating a Relationship Based on Data

Build customer loyalty with omnichannel personalisation

A top strategy for transforming customer engagement in 2020 will be investing in real-time customer data, according to a new survey report from eTail, WBR Insights, Treasure Data, and OpentText.

In this report, directors of ecommerce from across Germany and Europe reveal their data strategies for 2020 and what will be essential for marketing in the future. Unsurprisingly, the majority see artificial intelligence (AI) as key, with only two percent of respondents saying AI will be unimportant to individual personalisation in the future.

Learn how companies are:

  • Building loyalty through prediction and personalisation
  • Creating a future-proof data strategy
  • Laying the foundations for AI

To find out how retail leaders across Europe are using data to create personalised customer relationships, download this eTail report, compliments of Treasure Data.

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