How retailers are building customer-centric cultures with the right data solutions

Optimizing UX & Customer Involvement with Data Solutions

Is your marketing team using your current data tools to meet customer expectations?

More and more retailers are turning to marketing technology like customer data platforms (CDPs) to drive outstanding customer experiences (CX).

In this eTail 2020 research report, retailers from a variety of industries discuss the importance of building a seamless customer experience by investing in the right talent and technology. Findings include:

  • 40 percent of retailers say creating a single view of their customers across touchpoints, including physical and digital, is guiding their adoption of data tools in 2020.
  • 47 percent of retailers are not currently designing customer “communities” to foster positive customer outcomes, but most of those retailers are prioritizing such communities.
  • 61 percent of retailers say some of their customers are currently interacting with intelligent AI-driven agents that represent their brands in lieu of real people.

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