Announcing Treasure Insights and an Expansion of Connector Network

Change the Game with Powerful Customer Intelligence

Improve marketing and service agility and efficiency in the new consumer reality

We are excited to announce the availability of Treasure Insights and 15 new integrations, bringing our catalog of built-in connectors to a total of 170.

As customers’ buying behaviors are evolving quickly, marketers and service reps need better customer insights to re-evaluate marketing strategies. Treasure Data is here to give them a boost with our latest analytical capabilities. Customers can now take advantage of our new suite of customer analytics for efficient, effective decision making with highly customizable dashboards for bespoke use cases and out-of-the-box dashboard accelerators that provide:

Enhancements to unified customer views
Deep behavioral and demographic analytics for audience segmentation
ML-driven insight on lifetime value, next best action and more
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What our Customers are Saying

Marketers and customer experience professionals are validating the importance of using customer insights to grow brand loyalty, especially as consumer behaviors change rapidly in an uncertain economy. They are upping their game and raising the standard with Treasure Data.

“Treasure Data’s unified customer view is helping us transform our customer touchpoints by allowing us to have more contextual interactions. Beyond digital marketing, we are in the process of leveraging Treasure Data at our contact center to improve our ability to convert the prospects into our customers.”

Deepak Bhosale

General Manager, Systems

“At BoxyCharm, understanding our customer is our biggest priority because it enables us to accurately recommend products they will love. Treasure Data’s new advanced analytics capabilities give us the deep insights we need to serve our customers’ needs and provide personalized experiences.“

Charles Pich

Vice president of business intelligence at BoxyCharm

“Treasure Data has become our single source of truth when it comes to digital marketing. The new visualization dashboards provide full visibility into customer behaviors, customer journey analysis and orchestration effectiveness.”

Tessa Bicard

Director of marketing at Trifecta Nutrition

Treasure Insights – Powerful Customer Intelligence for the Entire Team

Our new suite of customer analytics provides full visibility into customer behaviors and the effectiveness of customer acquisition, engagement and retention activities, and a unified customer view.

  • Executives can easily get a bird’s eye view of marketing activities and ROI across regions and product lines
  • Strategists can quickly glean customer insights and build effective marketing plans
  • Campaign managers can review which audiences, channels and messaging are driving the most conversions
Discover new analytic methods to reduce acquisition costs, increase lifetime value, increase retention and more.

15 New Connectors Work with Any Marketing Stack and Keep You Productive – Analytics-Ready Data Powers More Ways to Engage

15 New Treasure Data Integrations

We continue to support complex marketing technology stacks with new development and constant maintenance of our expanding connector network.Our integrations enable faster data ingestion, analytics and seamless campaign execution–providing marketing teams a single place to store and analyze more data for better decision-making. New integrations include, Amazon DSP, LinkedIn, Gigya and more.

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Location Data Empowers Retailers with a Unified Physical and Digital Shopper View

Treasure Data has released a new in-store SDK for location-based data. Retailers can now amplify their mobile apps to deliver a connected shopper experience. Marketers and sales associates are enabled with the ability to influence shoppers’ journeys through context-aware programs such as BOPIS, promotional offers, notifications, recommendations and more.

Find out how global retailers use Treasure Data to drive loyalty and growth.
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