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Personalising the Omnichannel Experience
Tactics and Insights with CDP

Free Offline SeminarFriday November 11th 2pm SGT

WeWork, 21 Collyer Quay S, 049320 2nd Floor Room 02G

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Increasingly, business isn’t all about the product—it’s about the experience.  More and more, customer loyalty depends less on the product or service your company offers, and more on your ability to stand out from the competition, engage customers with personalized experiences, and keep them coming back for more. But as the number of channels modern customers use before making a purchase continues to increase, meeting your goals becomes harder and harder.  To enhance the customer experience (CX), CMOs are embracing new technology to deliver seamless, relevant, and personalised marketing experiences for customers across every channel.

Join us for a discussion of trends we are seeing in Omnichannel and why more marketers are choosing CDP to drive new customer experiences.  The agenda includes a full overview of CDP for omnichannel in addition to demos of omnichannel use cases for CDP and BI powered by Tableau.  Register today!


13:30~14:00 SGT

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14:00~14:15 SGT

Opening Remarks

Michelle Fu
SB Telecom Singapore Pte.Ltd.

Kei Sato
SB Telecom Singapore Pte.Ltd.

14:15~15:00 SGT

CDP for Omnichannel Overview and Case Studies

Sean Valencia
Marketing Manager, APAC, Treasure Data

15:00~15:15 SGT

Omnichannel CDP Demo

Kazuki Shirai
Senior Solutions Architect, Treasure Data

15:15~15:30 SGT

Tableau Omnichannel Insights Demo

Jimmy Zhang
Partner, Sprint Milestone

15:30~16:00 SGT


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SoftBank Telecom Singapore
Spring Milestone