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DMP Platforms List—A List of Data Management Platform Vendors

There are a lot of data management platforms (DMP) available today. If you need a reminder on DMPs, check out “What is a DMP.” In addition, many companies are transitioning from DMPs to CDPs. Learn why and the difference here (DMP vs. CDP: What’s the Difference?). Here is a list of some of the most well-known DMP platforms.

Neustar IDMP

Neustar is an identity data management platform, part of Neustar’s Marketing Solutions. Its OneID system ingests first-, second-, and third-party data such as media events, customer engagement, and audience behavior to create a single view of the customer across all online and offline channels. The DMP includes access to over 200 data providers and leverages identity data from government, telecom, utilities, and financial services, giving it a large set of person-, household-, and device-level identity data. Neustar DMP offers the Data Science Development Kit (DSDK) to help customers build their own custom intelligence solutions.


LiveRamp refers to itself as a data connectivity platform. It works directly with DMPs to enrich customer profiles by bringing in additional identity data through offline sources and its data marketplace.

The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk offers both a DMP and a DSP (demand side platform) and is well-known for its extensive marketplace of third-party data providers (it currently includes 100,000 premium third-party data segments). It leverages first-party data and look-a-like audiences, tapping into its comprehensive data marketplace to improve existing audiences and audience segments and define new ones.

Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Audience Manager is a key piece of the Adobe Experience Cloud, connecting consumer data with experience delivery. Adobe bridges the DMP with its CDP, matching audience data on a persistent ID to deliver real-time segmentation, targeting, and analysis. The Adobe Audience Manager is built on the concept of “privacy by design” and holds vertical-specific security certificates in highly regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare.

Nielsen DMP

Nielsen DMP is part of the Nielsen Marketing Cloud. It connects and manages first-party, second-party, and third-party data across all channels and devices, including web, mobile, and offline. It combines a brand’s first-party data with its set of audience data (which includes IoT data) to enrich customer data. The Nielsen DMP provides access to 60,000 defined audience segments and automates audience model creation using its adaptive learning technology—Nielsen AI. This DMP also provides tools for activating audience data through integrations with hundreds of search, email, social, website, and content personalization platforms.

Oracle BlueKai DMP

Oracle acquired the BlueKai data management platform in 2014, renaming it to Oracle BlueKai DMP. The DMP unifies all advertising data, including first-, second-, and third-party data. It leverages the Oracle Graph ID to connect third-party data across channels and devices. With over 200 preloaded integrations across the ecosystem, the Oracle DMP helps identify and segment audiences, uses look-a-like modeling, and provides a complete set of actionable analytics and reports to help brands deliver personalized and contextual advertising across all ad channels.

OnAudience DMP collects customer data from all channels and enables the creation of custom segments for targeted ad campaigns. It is also an audience data provider integrating with data and digital marketing vendors to offer access to 27 billion user profiles that enable the development of look-a-like audiences and improves the targeting of existing audience segments. It is GDPR and CCPA friendly.

Salesforce Audience Studio

In 2016, Salesforce acquired Krux DMP, renaming the product as Salesforce DMP and, later, Salesforce Audience Studio. Although listed as a leader in the Forrester Wave for DMPs in 2019, Salesforce has officially stopped selling the product and is now promoting its CDP software. Learn the difference between a DMP and a CDP.


Permutive’s DMP supports both advertisers and publishers. It ingests data from all sources, including first-, second-, and third-party data. The DMP can access audience data on Safari and Firefox, where 3rd party cookies are often blocked. Built on edge processing, Permutive offers real-time segmentation and analysis, including unlimited analysis of historical data and live campaign analysis.


The ADEX data management platform is a German-based self-hosted data technology solution focused on serving EMEA and AP. It collects data from all data sources and provides real-time segmentation, look-a-like audience building, and integrates with a number of ad providers for data activation. ADEX also provides a data marketplace to share customer data.


Lotame is a provider of data solutions. It offers four components in its data management platform: Lotame LAB, which enables the building, segmenting, and scaling of audiences; Lotame Connect, which allows the connecting of any data source; Lotame Analytics for actionable data insights; and Lotame Data Exchange, which it touts as the “world’s largest 2nd and 3rd party data sources.” Lotame provides solutions for marketers, agencies, and publishers.

DMPs Who Made The Forrester Wave for Data Management Platforms

The Forrester Wave for Data Management Platforms, Q2, 2019 is the most recent DMP wave from the technology research firm. In that wave, Salesforce Audience Studio and Adobe Audience Manager topped the list as leaders in the DMP market. Other vendors who made the list include:

  • Strong Performers: Neustar Identity DMP, Nielsen’s Marketing Cloud, Oracle DMP
  • Contenders: Lotame, ADEX

It’s important to note that technology research firm, Gartner, doesn’t provide a magic quadrant report for data management platforms for marketers. It does, however, have a magic quadrant for data management platforms for analytics, but that report does not include DMPs for marketing.

Glossary of terms

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