Digital Shift: The Future of CX: Getting Real About Enterprise Growth

The Role of Data in Real-time Marketing & Enterprise Growth

ideo: The Role of Data in Real-Time Marketing and Enterprise Growth [Day 3]

Customer data has always been a strong focus for marketing teams. The next phase of growth for enterprises calls for not only the ability to quickly identify actionable customer insights, but also the mandate to apply these insights across the organization. Getting meaningful value out of data starts with creating “data gravity”—a scalable, unified and centralized customer data foundation. And the big returns come when data insights get leveraged in real-time by functions beyond marketing.

In this session, join Treasure Data and Daniel Newman Founding Partner and Principal Analyst, Futurum Research as they explore data’s role in transforming businesses and share insights from case studies of companies who successfully leveraged data gravity beyond marketing.

  • Getting Real About Enterprise Growth

Kazuki OhtaKazuki Ohta
CEO, Treasure Data

Daniel NewmanDaniel Newman
Lead Analyst, Futurum Research

Data in Real-time Marketing