Digital Shift: The Future of CX: When the Brand is (Literally) Everything

Customer Centricity Goes Beyond Marketing

Video: Customer Centricity Goes Beyond Marketing

Customer centricity is more than just a marketing function; it requires an understanding of the customer’s journey to deliver the right products and services at the right time. In addition, customer centricity can be the pillar onto which an organization designs its product portfolio to create a frictionless customer experience. Finally, it comes down to recognizing that there is a human behind every touchpoint, and understanding that at the end of the day, consumers still want to interact with people, and not automated responses.

In this session, join Treasure Data’s Steve LeTourneau and TrueCar’s Beth Mach as they tackle this topic outlining the building blocks for infusing customer centricity into your brand and why prioritizing a customer-centric culture is critical to long-term customer experience success.

  • The Future of CX: When the Brand is (Literally) Everything
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Beth MachBeth Mach
Chief Consumer Officer, Truecar

Steve LetourneauSteve Letourneau
VP, CX Strategy, Treasure Data

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