Digital Shift: The Future of CX: When the Brand is (Literally) Everything

Customer Centricity 2.0: From Building a Culture to Delivering Real Value

Video: Customer Centricity 2.0: Building Culture

Customer centricity has been a mantra for many companies for a long time. Today’s digital-savvy consumers interact with brands on so many different channels, both online and offline, it’s often challenging for companies to truly understand their customers’ preferences, much less delivering personalized experiences at scale.

In this panel, join Adweek and leaders from Delta Airlines, Bain and Warner Recorded Music as they share their real-world learnings on building a customer-centric culture, and more importantly, how to turn that mentality into a practice that delivers economic value.

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Molly BattinMolly Battin
SVP Marketing, Delta Airlines

Jamison AntoineJamison Antoine
VP Global Customer Experience, Warner Music Group

Phil SagerPhil Sager
Partner, Bain

Customer Centricity 2.0