Treasure Data

Data™ Trademark

Using the Treasure Data™ Trademark

Please use the above trademark in accordance with the Treasure Data trademark use guidelines.

Approved nouns: brand
customer data management
customer data platform
data management
enterprise CDP
Use format: Treasure Data™ [Product name] and/or [approved noun]
e.g. Treasure Data™ Customer Data Platform
You do not always have to use an approved noun after the Treasure Data trademark if it is followed by a product name.
Notice: Treasure Data is a trademark of Treasure Data, Inc. (or its subsidiaries).

Use examples for Treasure Data trademark

Example Correct use Incorrect use
#1 Treasure Data™ CDP Treasure Data® CDP
#2 Treasure Data™ customer data platform Treasure Data™ microprocessor
“microprocessor” is not an approved noun