Future-proof your clients’ marketing strategy with a CDP

The world of digital marketing is rapidly changing

What steps have you taken to future proof your clients’ marketing strategy?

Cookies are going away. Data privacy laws are getting stricter. And people will keep working from home for the foreseeable future.

Enter the world of the new normal. Now, more than ever before, marketers need to build direct one-to-one trusted relationships with each of their customers. And they need to turn these relationships into actionable customer insights that translate to higher conversions, better customer engagement, and stronger customer loyalty.

What’s the best path forward?

As an agency, consulting firm, systems integrator or technology provider, you play a critical role in making your marketing clients successful. Clients depend on you for advice and guidance on what marketing technologies best solve their complex business needs. But to be effective, your recommendations need to be based on the latest, most up-to-date martech industry trends.

Introducing the Customer Data Platform (CDP). CDPs have become one of the most popular buzzwords in martech today. Data-driven marketers across retail, CPG, autos, financial services, gaming, hospitality and more are showing new interest in CDPs. What is a CDP and why all the buzz?

A CDP lets marketers and data analysts collect and stitch together millions of fragmented customer data to a single profile at the individual level:

  • Purchase history
  • Web browsing activity
  • Email engagement
  • Demographic personas
  • Call center activity
  • And more

With more data about individual customers now at your fingertips, CDPs give you richer, more actionable insights than ever before. Use these insights to empower marketing teams with better planning, execution and measurement:

  • Create richer customer segments using more complete, real-time data
  • Deliver more personalized marketing messages through email, social, web or mobile
  • Predict next best customer action using advanced machine learning models
  • Improve marketing campaign ROI

Why Arm Treasure Data Enterprise CDP

Arm Treasure Data & LiveRamp:Bridging MarTech and AdTech Using DMPs, DSPs, CDPs

Why Arm Treasure Data Enterprise CDP

Arm Treasure Data & LiveRamp: Bridging MarTech and AdTech Using DMPs, DSPs, CDPs

Introducing The Arm Treasure Data CDP Partner Program

CDPs hold the keys to solving many of today’s biggest data-driven marketing challenges. We would love to give interested partners the keys to help make their clients more successful.

If your organization provides agency, consulting, systems integration, or technology solution services to data-driven marketing clients, we invite you to find out more about our newly launched Arm Treasure Data CDP Partner Program.

Our program is designed to let industry influencers stay at the forefront of CDPs.

See how CDPs can help expand and deepen the level of client engagement at your organization.

  • Gain access to a wealth of educational and marketing resources around CDP
  • Get in-depth product training on CDPs. See how CDPs help marketers solve challenges around ID resolution, predictive analytics, real-time segmentation and more.
  • Collaborate on joint go-to-market activities like webinars, blog posts and industry thought leadership event
  • Join a growing ecosystem of global CDP enthusiasts

To find out more about our partner program, please tell us a bit more about yourself using our contact form.

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