How to Create a 365° Fan View

What do our clients like Major League Soccer, The Mets, and The Boston Bruins do differently?

They use the innovative Predictive Analytics platform created by SportVizion backed by Treasure Data. An easy-to-deploy platform that allows them to have deeper understanding of their customer and increase their Fan experience.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to drive marketing ROI with targeted campaigns from enriched customer data including CRM, point of sale machines, eCommerce sites, supply chain data, live ticket sales, Social Media and MORE for a real-time 365° view of what your fans and customers are doing.

The expert speakers will share their insights and proven solutions for NFL, NHL, NBA and MLS franchises.

Who should attend?

  • Franchise leaders who want to get actionable data insights at their fingertips.
  • Marketing teams who want to leverage better customer data.
  • Sales representatives who want to be armed with real-time customer information.
  • Sports Analysts who want to get a complete picture of the playing field.