Recognizing Your Customers as Individuals

The Data-Driven Marketer’s Guide to Identity Resolution

Untangle the complex web of customer interactions that happen daily across your marketing channels.

Identity resolution acts as a digital detective, piecing together information from all of your data sources and connecting the dots between relationships that may not be obvious.

For example, your customer Joe Smith can be identified in five different ways—via an email address in a marketing database, a web cookie, a street address, an email address in a support database, and a member ID from a third-party partner program. Through identity resolution, you should be able to track Joe Smith as he interacts across his devices and your platforms, resulting in a single, unified profile that includes all of his attributes (contact info, demographic info, etc.) and his entire transactional and behavioral history.

In this guide, you’ll learn how Treasure Data helps you:

  • Develop a unified, holistic view of each customer that can be used across your company
  • Use the results of identity resolution to optimize personalization
  • Create the right process for your business by using all methods of identity resolution
  • Drive marketing results for greater business impact

The power of a singular and complete view of every customer no matter the marketing channel is now harnessed in one system—your Customer Data Platform.

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