It’s no secret that by leveraging big data organizations increase their competitive advantage through enhanced customer service, new product development and improved operational efficiencies.

Given disparate data silos, the wide array of data types to be collected, and the various business units and applications needing data access, a unified data warehouse can seem elusive.

What to look for in a cloud data warehouse

Integration of data from many edge devices, the Internet of Things

Unified data from internal data systems and applications

Data that is easily accessible for analysis and fast enough for real-time decision making

Treasure Data 360° Data View

Ultimately you seek a single, real-time view of your data and a 360° view of your customer. You want a flexible and smart analytics platform that helps you transform data to decisions. One that allows you to focus on delivery of customer service at scale. Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides all the functionality of a data warehouse and takes another step by delivering a data hub with two-way communication and a single-pane-of-glass view of your data.

Continuous Data Integration
End-to-end and back again for two-way transmission

With over 100 plug-and-play connectors, Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) makes it possible to get the raw customer data from all your data sources and automatically send the desired data to your CRM, marketing automation tools, email campaigns, databases, and BI tools with no custom engineering. Pulling information from a myriad of systems, both streaming and bulk, in untold different formats, starts with a way to simplify system integration and hinges on flexible schema ingestion. Schema-less data sets enable correlation between records. Continuous streaming and orchestration of multiple data flows in and out of the data warehouse creates end-to-end visibility and data accessibility to any team that needs it.

Continuous Data Integration End-to-end and back again for two-way transmission

Unified, Agile Data Warehouse
Support for data-driven decisions at scale in real-time

Unified, Agile Data Warehouse

Because of the innovative architecture used to ingest structured and semi-structured data, Treasure Data enables the unification of data from different sources and reduces the need for data preparation. Business rules can be created to pull from the schema-on-read data and sent to most any system, allowing analyst to use tools of their choice. Machine learning and advanced AI make sense of that data to generate powerful insights more quickly and adapt to the rapidly changing business environment.

Management and Governance
Secure and reliable data access for multiple stakeholders

Treasure Data focuses on analysts’ end-to-end workflows over individual components to deliver a platform that orchestrates data pipelines for a unified and complete picture. Easy-to-use SDKs let you collect data from web, mobile and servers in minutes, while interactive SQL queries from the flexible data mart permit rapid analysis without engineering. With Treasure Data’s JDBC / ODBC connectivity, you can deliver reports and dashboards with your favorite Business Intelligence tools in the market.

Additionally, your data is always transferred securely across systems and encrypted at rest in Treasure Data storage. Treasure Data leverages state-of-the-art security practices across the board. Treasure Data’s unified console gives you full visibility of your data, data sources, destinations, jobs, users and usage information.

Management and Governance

Why Treasure Data

Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) lets you outsource the entire process, giving you enterprise-scale customer data centralization and automation without the steep investment.

  • Unify, store and access all your raw data permitting a single-pane-of-glass view.
  • Make your data available to systems of your choice without custom engineering.
  • Never deal with schema management or database scaling challenges again.
  • Maintain a 360° customer view in real-time with continuous data integration and simultaneous orchestration of multiple data flows in and out of the data warehouse.

100+ plug-and-play connectors

Treasure Data ingests 2 million records per second

Reduce time to insight from days to minutes

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