eTail’s 2020 Retail Consumer Survey

The 6-Step Guide to Consumer Engagement in the New Retail Economy

Find out what’s working in retail and what’s not—according to consumers

Personalization is central to modern retail strategy, but retailers’ efforts don’t always align with the expectations of consumers.

Based on eTail’s 2020 Retail Consumer Survey, this guidebook evaluates the success of leading personalization efforts among consumers’ favorite retailers based on consumers’ personal experiences.

The report is jam-packed with insights you can use now. You’ll learn how to:

    • Identify which personalization techniques will be most effective for your business.
    • Spot and eliminate ineffective personalization efforts and processes.
    • Implement methods and tools that build empathy and community with customers.
    • Prepare your marketing teams for future consumer expectations.
    • BONUS: Details about what data consumers want retailers to use, what matters most to them when making a purchase, and which personalization efforts they appreciate the most.

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