Splunk + Fluentd

Intelligently Filter Your Data Sent to Splunk

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30 Minute Webinar

Easily reduce your Splunk bill

Splunk excels at monitoring and reporting on real-time machine data but Splunk’s “all or nothing” approach to data collection frequently means you’re processing data irrelevant to Splunk’s intended purpose, leading to dramatically increased costs. To solve this problem for ourselves and our customers we augmented Splunk with our own technology – Fluentd Enterprise – to introduce logic and data-routing rules at each collection point / node.

In this webinar we’ll explore Fluentd Enterprise as a logging solution to compliment Splunk and show how Fluentd streamlines overall logging architecture between multiple cloud vendors and microservices by ensuring each system you have in place is given only the data it needs to perform optimally.

We Will Cover:

  • Event logging and security in the container era
  • Optimizing data-pipelines across multiple cloud providers
  • Live demo of Splunk traffic before and after Fluentd

Who Should Attend:

  • IT Directors who are planning their cloud migration.
  • Financial Officers looking to cut their Splunk bills.
  • DevOps folks who want to stay on top of new tools.

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Anurag Gupta is a Product Manager at Treasure Data driving the development of the unified logging layer, Fluentd Enterprise. Anurag has worked on large data technologies including Azure Log Analytics, and enterprise IT services such as Microsoft System Center.