Treasure Data at Digital Food & Beverage

Spot trends, personalize customer experience and increase sales!
Hyatt Regency, Austin TX
July 15 - 17
Booth #203

Meet a customer data expert at Digital Food & Beverage!
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Whether it’s raw event-level data, CRM, email automation, microtransaction/eCommerce records, payment or other real-time data, Treasure Data enterprise CDP can unify and analyze all your data so you can personalize the customer experience across platforms, devices and applications.

Come Wine and Dine with Data Experts!
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  • July 15th at 7:45 pm
  • Network with peers and spend the evening with Element & Treasure Data discussing how CDP (Customer Data Platforms) can improve ROI from your existing data investments. Post event, we invite you to a complimentary assessment of your organization’s data strategy.
Join our presentation on Tuesday, July 16th at 2:20 PM for “The Truth about Personalization in Retail”!

Attendees will learn:

• Four tactics retailers can implement now by leveraging their existing infrastructure
• Details on the fifth wave of computing and how this will empower the next wave of customer experiences like smart shelves and AI enabled cameras and what technologies are enabling them
• How “Boomers”, “Gen X” and “Millennials” view the trust vs personalization relationship and what segments companies are most commonly using for personalization today
• What channels are showing the most ROI for personalization and the difference between what “leaders” and “learners” are doing

Make the most of your customer data!