Treasure Data at Dallas CMO Executive Summit

Supporting the data-driven CMO
Renaissance Dallas Hotel, Dallas TX
June 26

Meet a customer data expert in Dallas!
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Whether it’s raw event-level data, CRM, email automation, microtransaction/eCommerce records, payment or other real-time data, Treasure Data enterprise CDP can unify and analyze all your data so you can personalize the customer experience across platforms, devices and applications.

Join us Wednesday June 26th at 9:10 AM to talk about “The Truth about Enterprise Marketing Personalization”

We will explore:

  • Personalization industry benchmarks collected from marketing leaders from global 2000 companies
  • How to better define what’s working, what’s not, and how a CDP can be used to maximize personalization
  • Results on the right channels that matter for your business
Make the most of your customer data