Bolster Your Retail Strategy for the Digital Native Shoppers

Leading Strategies for Brand Transformation and Customer loyalty

“Digital native” doesn’t mean “digital only”, but digital natives do have different expectations when it comes to shopping–digitally and in store. Many retailers struggle to understand digital natives’ shopping habits, and have very different opinions on what digital natives prefer.

This divergence in experiences and opinions make it even more important for retailers to adopt a data-driven approach when it comes to evolving their engagement strategies to win the loyalty of digital native shoppers.

WBR Insights surveyed 100 retailers to capture their view and strategy for engaging digital natives. Download the report to learn:

  • Why retailers are divided in their perception of digital natives’ shopping preference
  • What technology is believed by 93% of retailers as the key to engagement
  • Top challenges and key strategies for driving loyalty among digital natives
  • Where customer data can have the biggest impact

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