Favorite Open Source-Based Analytics Platform Among System Administrators Now Enhanced to Manage Enterprise Data Streams with a Native Integration for the Kafka Connect API

San Francisco and Mountain View, Calif. – August 28, 2017 – Today Treasure Data, a leading cloud platform to make all data connected, current, and easily accessible, released Enterprise Fluentd Manager, a powerful addition to its open source-based data analytics platform featuring new capabilities for data pipeline monitoring, anomaly detection, end-to-end encryption and more. At the Kafka Summit, an event for power users of the Apache Kafka distributed streaming platform, Enterprise Fluentd Manager is unveiling a native integration for the Kafka Connect API which has steadily grown in popularity as a Fluentd data feed.

Over a million users at 20,000+ companies use the Fluentd open source project to collect, unify and analyze log data from a myriad of inputs and devices. Enterprise Fluentd fills the gap for IT organizations that require military grade security and reliable log management across data centers and multiple cloud providers. Enterprise Fluentd has certified data connectors and plugins to enable users to reliably route data. It also offers them highly personalized technical support for deployments, integrations and ongoing maintenance of the platform. By introducing Enterprise Fluentd Manager, Treasure Data further helps system administrators and operators to manage massive amounts of log data, specifically to unify, collect, analyze, and optimize multiple data streams in real-time.

“Since we first released Enterprise Fluentd, we have kept the lines of communication open with every customer – not just for quality assurance, but to ensure that we’re learning as much as possible from each implementation about the most common use patterns, roles, and modules used,” said Kazuki Ohta, CTO and co-founder of Treasure Data. “Data collectors that are moving lots of data into continuous pipelines, like most of the attendees here at the Kafka Summit, are among the most demanding Fluentd users. Their requests indicated a real need for Enterprise Fluentd Manager and helped shape the feature set we are bringing to market.”

Early adopter Fortune 100 customers are using Enterprise Fluentd as part of their cloud migration strategy, achieving high availability of event data for security requirements and to reduce their Splunk bills.

For Kafka users specifically, Enterprise Fluentd offers a pivotal piece of the pipeline, allowing both consuming and writing data to Kafka topics. When adding new data sources and data destinations, Enterprise Fluentd reduces your time to deployment and cost of development by immediately offering native integrations with top log analytics tooling, big data stores and cloud providers. In addition to securely streaming data into Kafka from most any data source, Enterprise Fluentd logic can selectively filter and transform data to multiple backends such as Amazon S3 and Splunk simultaneously. Kafka users have the option to use a simple-to-configure plugin with backwards compatibility support or a native Kafka Connect plugin.

Enterprise Fluentd Manager features:

  • Advanced Monitoring: Real-Time metrics with health and performance alerts together in a single user view to keep your data pipelines freely flowing.
  • Anomaly Detection: Intelligent anomaly detection notifies you of unaccounted hiccups in your logging pipeline.
  • Configuration: Elegant drag-and-drop configurations allow you to quickly add new data sources.
  • Advisor: Easy guidelines show you how to improve robustness and troubleshoot failure scenarios in your environment.
  • Security: Built-in buffering and end-to-end encryption will secure your log data from popular firewalls (such as Cisco, Palo Alto Networks) and security analytic tools (HPE, ArcSight and qRadar) both at-rest and in-transit.
  • Scrub: Logic to clean PII data such as IP address, usernames, emails to meet your compliance and privacy requirements.

“As the central streaming platform for companies around the world, we want to make it as seamless as possible to integrate with other systems our customers already have in place,” Simon Hayes, Vice President of corporate and business development at Confluent. “We are excited to partner with Treasure Data to enable Enterprise Fluentd users to send logs to Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform as part of a modern, cloud native architecture.”

Enterprise Fluentd is available in two subscription models: Gold and Platinum. To learn more about how Treasure Data can help with your enterprise data needs, please visit www.treasuredata.com/fluentd/.

Full release can be found here.

Press Contact:
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