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What is a Customer Data Platform?

Real-time Segmentation for Sophisticated Personalized Marketing.
Our senses have become numb to most forms of marketing because of information overload. Grabbing customers’ attention, converting customers and reducing churn all require sophisticated segmentation and personalization. Today’s marketing strategies require a broad scope of information and a dynamic view of the customers. Successful personalization must be knowledge-driven, agile and real-time.

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Examples of use cases for real-time segmentation

Unified data for a 360° view of your customer

For a 360° view of your customer, you need access to 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, including historical data and online activities as they occur. However, this data comes in a myriad of data types and schemas that make it difficult to unite. The data often requires a cleaning process that is so cumbersome that the effort outweighs the benefit.

Arm Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables the unification of data from different sources and reduces the need for data cleaning and preparation. Because of the innovative architecture used to ingest structured and semi-structured data, Arm Treasure Data business rules can be created to pull from the schema-on-read data and sent to most any system, allowing automated, personalized marketing.

Continuous data integration for pull and push transmission

With over 100 plug-and-play connectors, Arm Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform makes it possible to get the raw customer data from all your data sources and automatically create and maintain a single customer view. Machine learning makes sense of that data for application into your unique business rules allowing access of that data by any system, application or team that needs it. Data is available within minutes of capture giving you real-time marketing automation. Arm Treasure Data’s seamless data integration combined with our machine learning and automated workflow engines, provide:

CDP Diagram Table

CDP Diagram Table

Finer custom audience segmentation

Personalized customer experience

Marketing automation at scale

Marketing automation at scale without custom engineering

We designed Arm Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform with built-in security and reliability so that you can focus directly on using data to power your marketing strategy. Our end-to-end workflows deliver a platform that orchestrates data pipelines according to your business rules. With our easy-to-use interface, you can set up integrations and business rules for analysis, marketing automation and campaigns with no custom engineering. Arm Treasure Data’s unified console gives you full visibility of your data, data sources, destinations, jobs, users and usage information.

Arm Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform includes enterprise-class capabilities for customer data unification, real-time segmentation, personalization, campaign optimization, push-pull notifications and syndication. Arm Treasure Data also offers pre-built connectors for may of your best-in-class marketing tools, such as integrations with tools such as Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer and Adobe Target for web personalization. Arm Treasure Data gives marketing the capabilities to manage integrations and scalability without custom engineering expertise.

Why marketers want Arm Treasure Data

Maintain a 360° customer view in real-time to enable sophisticated marketing strategies.

Deliver sophisticated and personalized marketing campaigns from end-to-end without custom engineering.

Never deal with schema management or database scaling challenges again.

Unify, control and leverage your most important asset: customer data.

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