Streamlines the data pipeline by securely delivering logs to cloud and on-premises backend systems.


Tracks data in-transit, monitors throughput, and detects anomalies.


Delivers powerful end-to-end security features with encryption both at-rest and in-transit.


Handles 4.5 trillion logs across 48 million IP addresses daily.

Unify Edge-Data for Faster Business Insights

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Achieve high availability with unified logging

Top 5 global financial company was mixing event data with business data and sending it to Amazon S3. Retrieving the data in a format for analysis was slow and unpredictable. In addition the data could not be transmitted simultaneously to multiple locations. Using Enterprise Fluentd log data was unified from systems like Kafka and Bluecoat. Processing logic directed the pertinent data to the selected destinations. Multi-routing capabilities allowed simultaneous transmissions across the globe. High availability of data at scale was achieved in less than 180 days.

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Speed time-to-action with data consolidation in Kafka

In the past, adding data sources and destinations to Kafka meant writing new Producers and Consumers and ongoing integration needs. Enterprise Fluentd is the last integration you need for Kafka. Furthermore, Enterprise Fluentd’s pre- and post- Kafka processing of log data in-stream delivers a more reliable pipeline and reduces the time from edge to action.

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Reduce Splunk bills without limitation

Although a great analytics tool, Splunk can be costly, especially since 80% of log data inside Splunk goes unused.
Enterprise Fluentd helps Fortune 500 enterprises optimize their Splunk bills with the unified logging layer and smarter data filtering.

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