GDC 2019

Measure performance across platforms devices and apps.

Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco
March 18 - 22
South Hall Booth 1049

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Title – Three Technology Trends That Will Shape the Next Generation of Gaming

Talk by Arm Treasure Data

Time – Wednesday (20th) at 10:30am-11:00am

Location – Moscone West, 3rd floor, room 3020

Abstract – The gaming industry has gone through dramatic changes in the last 10 years, but there are three trends that are likely to change things even further: the increased power of mobile gaming, the integration of AR in real-world environments, and the growth of streaming audiences eclipsing player growth.

In this talk Erik will explore each of these movements and discuss how their convergence, supported by 5G connectivity, AI and Data, could shift the gaming business in new directions.

Takeaway – Aimed at data-driven marketers and gaming executives who want to prepare for upcoming trends and get ahead of the competition. Attendees will gain a greater knowledge of current trends influencing the market as well as predictions for the future of gaming.

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Title – All-in-One Guide to Vulkan on Mobile

Partner – Samsung

Time – Wednesday (20th) at 2pm-3pm

Location – Moscone West, 2nd floor, room 2024

Abstract – Vulkan is poised to change the landscape of graphics and ushers in a new age of visual fidelity for Android devices. However, the API can be quite complex as there are many ways of doing the same thing. But which method is best, and which delivers maximal performance? Working with a range of developers and studios to optimize content, Arm learned a plethora of best practices that work particularly well for mobile.

In this hands-on talk, Arm and Samsung will dive into those best practices applied to real games and micro-benchmarks, comparing the performance impact of different sample code choices.

Takeaway – Attendees will learn about codified best practices for Vulkan and how they impact performance in mobile, with specific game examples.

Included will be a suite of micro-benchmarks showing bad/good implementation of Vulkan constructs, a tutorial explaining what Arm recommend and why; and runnable samples with full source code available online.

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Title – Attaining Maximum Performance with Automated Tests

Partner – Space Ape Games

Time – Thursday (21st) at 2pm-3pm

Location – Moscone West, 2nd floor, room 2000

Abstract – Performance is hard, especially so on mobile. And with the wide range of devices, it’s challenging to maintain high frame rates across them all consistently.

Find out how Arm and Space Ape Games are collaborating to improve the state of automated performance tooling that enables artists, product managers and developers to visualize performance statistics daily, with very little overhead.

In this in-depth session, Arm and Space Ape Games will explain how they integrated Arm’s tools into their CI system to attain maximal performance and generate bespoke reports with data accessible to everyone, not just niche experts.

Takeaway – Attendees will learn how to integrate Arm’s new performance reporting toolchain and what to do with the generated performance reports to propel the visual-fidelity of your game forward. Afterwards attendees should be capable of quickly discovering and fixing performance bottlenecks in their game.

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Title – Moving with the Android Ecosystem Towards a 64-Bit World

Partner – Google

Time – Wednesday (20th) at 10:30am-11:30am

Location – Moscone West, 2nd floor, room 2024

Abstract – Arm 64-bit processors are constantly evolving to offer maximal performance and bring a host of new modern features; enhanced security, greater compute capabilities thanks to a richer instruction set. With new game workloads taxing the 32-bit limits, the whole software ecosystem is migrating to avail of the more modern architecture’s advantages.

Developers may however, have some legacy 32-bit software which may need porting or new code which needs to be written.

In this in-depth talk, Arm and Google will outline the timeline and benefits of Arm 64-bit through gaming use cases, plus hints and tips to ensure a pain-free transition.

Takeaway – Attendees will learn how 64-bit allows for increased performance, how future micro-architecture features create extremely secure cores and reduce its attack surface as well as other advantages, benefits, and considerations for 64-bit Android application development along with resources available for migrating existing apps to 64-bit

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