451 Research

Total Data Management

A unified data lake to create a 360° view of your customer—from edge to action

It’s no secret that by leveraging big data, organizations increase their competitive advantage through enhanced customer service, new product development and improved operational efficiencies. It follows then, that various groups in your organization have deployed a system to collect data with the intent of growing revenue. Unfortunately the unintended consequence is each new data source creates a new data silo, increasing complexity and time-to-value for the organization at whole.

So, how many data silos do you have?

To help solve this problem, 451 Research and Treasure Data bring you a look at a total data management strategy and outline the key components you need to unify your data to create a 360° view of your customer.

Things to consider

  • Are you able to access edge data and put it into action quickly?
  • How do you merge that data with other data sources and develop correlations for actionable intelligence?
  • How do you make big data accessible to the right people at the right time?

Table of Contents

  • The Changing Face of Data Management
  • Continuous Data Integration
  • Data Preparation, Data Governance and the Data Lake
  • A Single View of Data and a 360° View of Your Customer