A decade ago, an entertainment giant embarked on an ambitious plan to become a leader in video games by acquiring studios that would internally produce titles based on their studio properties.

Today, the company is a premier worldwide publisher, developer, licensor and distributor of entertainment content across all platforms, including: console, handheld, mobile and PC-based gaming. With many successful franchises, it is on the list of the world’s largest public video game companies by game revenue.

The gaming industry as a whole is in the growth stage of its life cycle with revenue dwarfing those of Hollywood. Game industry revenue is forecasted to grow to $29.2 billion by 2021.

How Gaming Companies using Treasure Data CDP

“[I]t’s a great time to be in games. Platforms, the connected console, the digital engagement, the ability to see more and more hours played in our games, the ability to keep providing content to fans who want to keep playing and engaging... We can reach gamers in a more direct way than ever.”

Mobile Gaming Drives Giant Digitally Powered Experiences

Driving Digitally Powered Experiences Using Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform

One key ingredient to the company’s success is to combine its game business with digital, data-driven strategies.

“[M]any years ago, we stopped measuring units sold and thought much more about time spent, time played, the amount of engagement... We use this language internally about “digitally powered” to be broad and encompassing, whether it’s live updates – like we’re doing with our mobile portfolio as well as our console portfolio – giving the players more and more content to keep them excited and engaged.”

Company Tripled User Base

In the course of building these “digitally powered” experiences, the company more than tripled their user base.

With millions of downloads achieved by titles in their expansive portfolio of games, user metrics and behavioral data is now more abundant than ever.

To reliably capture all this data, including insights on quality of interaction, user retention and marketing attribution, the company chose Treasure Data as their Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Game Case Study Diagram

Game Case Study Diagram

Unifying Behavioral Data for User Acquisition, Retention and Monetization

The top game company uses Treasure Data to ingest data from multiple mobile game data vendors (~15 different APIs). Treasure Data’s platform handles both real-time and quasi-real-time streaming event data from systems such as Upsight, Adjust and Swrve. Data is also imported and processed in batch from POS and other marketing systems.

Treasure Data’s platform enables the team to easily access, analyze and run queries using Hive/Presto against customer data in raw form. Results can then be outputted to Tableau for visualization and downstream BI/analytics.

Other use cases such as attribution analysis, KPI automation, micro-segmentation, cohort analysis, churn prediction, trend based alerting and customer lifetime value estimation are also achieved using Treasure Data’s platform.

The analytics team uses insights gained from the platform for same-day revenue reporting, “whale” identification and marketing optimization. By monitoring all their customer data points closely, the analytics team is able to measure and improve user acquisition, retention and monetization. Marketing, Analytics, Executive and Finance teams can all look at reporting dashboards to easily identify high-lifetime value “whales” across the portfolio.

Unifying Data for User Aquisition

20+ Games and Studios

Centralized Customer Intelligence and User Tracking Across 20+ Games and Studios

Treasure Data provides the team access to granular level details on users across its 20+ games and studios, including data such as real-time click, install, engagement and event data, app revenue, ratings, rankings, reviews, downloads and payments data, customer purchase history, results from A/B tests, etc. By tracking these core user and marketing metrics, the team can understand how their games and applications are being used and determine the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

With unified 1st, 2nd and 3rd party customer data, this top game company can easily determine:

  • The number of users that completed each levels of a game
  • How users are moving through a series of events
  • Lifetime value of customers
  • Who are top users and segments across all WB games
  • KPIs for each marketing source, such as installs driven by Facebook ads
  • Effectiveness of in-app messaging and push notifications

Before Treasure Data, customer data was hidden inside several siloed systems. Now the team has access to a centralized source of customer intelligence.

In addition, the underlying data infrastructure previously was unable to effectively handle data volume spikes. With Treasure Data, they were able to have a reliable, scalable query engine and data platform that could give them accessibility to all historical, raw data.

Reliability, Scale and Support with Treasure Data

With more than 50 billion records per table, this top game company now relies on Treasure Data as a secure platform that can handle the scale of its business.The team knows they can trust Treasure Data’s platform to handle major worldwide launches, when data volume can jump in orders of magnitude. With Treasure Data’s elastic storage and compute power, this top game company can concentrate on the analytics and product development without worrying about data infrastructure capabilities and management.

With Treasure Data Workflow, the top game company has also been able to build, schedule and automate repeatable data processing pipelines. Treasure Data Workflow also ensures that no duplicate jobs are running in parallel, making overall operations smoother and minimizing resources required.

In addition to providing immediate implementation and a seamless onboarding experience, Treasure Data has also been instrumental in providing ongoing white-glove service and support, such as <30 minute response time, help with query assists and building custom integrations.

Learn more about Treasure Data CDP, a bests-in-class customer data platform and central repository where all of your first-party data, website, mobile app, analytics tool, CRM, marketing automation, advertising channel, IoT, POS and other data is unified, made easily accessible into a single, reliable source of truth owned by your marketing team and available to all your business units.

“Treasure Data has offered us a great deal of support and professional courtesy and recognizes the strategic significance and importance of hosting our data warehouse. I’ve always felt that Treasure Data has my back and has helped us get through some difficult situations. Treasure Data has always given a first class performance.”