Survios knocks virtual reality gaming off the charts

Data-driven feature development optimizes player experience

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more data accessible for  behavioral insights


Became #1 on VR global top seller list


Without access to gaming data from players, gaming companies relied on internal brainstorming, focus groups, customer commentary and seniority-based decision making to influence product development. Even though many gaming companies technically know how the game should be built, data reveals behavioral insights. However, the complexity of VR data collection is enormous, because it requires tracking usage of a game that engages a player’s entire body motion, not a simple controller.


Survios hired Exostatic, a Treasure Data partner, to manage their analytics which included the Treasure Data enterprise (customer data platform) CDP as part of the overall solution. Treasure Data’s enterprise CDP collected server and client data and answered questions about play patterns, content preferences, control schemes and time spent. The goal was to use this data to help make avatars feel more life-like so players could be more invested in the character and ultimately stay in the game.

Treasure Data enterprise CDP enabled Survios to easily access granular data that was crucial to identifying and prioritizing feature development. No data seemed inaccessible. Survios could dive deep into situations where data needed to be backtracked, logs re-processed or an analysis recompiled.


Survios benefited by having ten times the data volume for analysis.

By analyzing match statistics, Survios could see how users and heros interacted with enemies and understand the different levels of difficulties within the game itself.

Control schema analysis and exploratory weapon interactions let them understand which platforms worked best for players.

Data revealed the importance of improving character tutorials, which resulted in better player onboarding and higher customer retention.

“Customer acquisition and retention is about raising the bar higher in terms of creating a human experience and unlocking players’ creative potentials. Data drives you in directions that you may not have previously considered.”

Ben Solganik, Producer

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