Pioneer revolutionizes cars with the IoT evolution

Deep, detailed analysis uncovers future business opportunities.

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The mobile telematics center was not just a platform for the car navigation terminals, it was able to transmit information in real time to terminals other than car navigation systems, such as smartphones, for example. Pioneer aimed to leverage the mobile telematics center to create new business opportunities, such as eliminating congestion or supporting a safe driving support system. But without a clear picture of the new business possibilities, Pioneer wanted a system to handle any kind of data.


Pioneer selected Treasure Data because of its powerful capabilities to handle all types of data. Treasure Data had the flexibility to manage not only available data, but the addition of any future data – and at the enormity of scale required by Pioneer.

Because of the early success with Treasure Data, Pioneer chose to enter into a joint development partnership. Together Pioneer and Treasure Data developed an engine to fully understand the driver’s tendencies, vehicle condition and driving conditions. As a result, Pioneer was able to analyze data with high accuracy in a short time and with great efficiency, making full use of their expertise in innovation.

Treasure Data’s enterprise CDP with its strong analytics platform serves as a single source of data management for all departments. Even with the diversity of business requirements and the spread of large-capacity networks, the overwhelmingly low cost made using Treasure Data a much wiser decision than developing in-house, point solutions.


Decreased operational costs while gaining the ability to manage data, at scale, for all lines of business both traditional and for future development

Enlarged pool of business opportunities due to flexibility to collect any data and communicate with external systems

"When you have the flexibility to expand on data for future opportunities, it’s powerful."

Hiroshi Iwabori, Telematics Planning Department Section Manager

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