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Kirin embraces omnichannel personalization

Company unifies data for a more complete customer profile.
It’s no secret that beverage companies spare little expense when it comes to advertising. In fact, beer, wine and liquor companies spent $14.8 billion* on worldwide advertising in 2016. Beer commercials are par for the course on Super Bowl Sunday and frequently pop up in social feeds as well. Mass market advertising gets the word out, but the beverage companies and other consumer product brands that are gaining customer loyalty are also making shrewd investments in technology, notably platforms that give them a holistic customer view so they can create a more personalized experience for their consumers.

For established companies that have dominated the market for decades, it can be a challenge to bring in new technologies and weave them seamlessly into a proven marketing strategy. Enter Kirin, a world-renowned beverage and liquor company with a rich heritage and powerful brand, but also looking to stay relevant in this digital age.

* Johnson, B., & Brown, K. (2017, December 05). World's Largest Advertisers: Spending is Growing (and Surging in China). Retrieved October 2, 2018, from

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products rationalized across brand websites


unique customer profiles analyzed


Kirin has nearly 100 products in their portfolio across many brands, each with a website that collects customer data. The company also works with several different advertising agencies for the various products, each of whom needs different data sets to market more strategically. Aside from the individual brand websites, Kirin also has an eCommerce subscription business, external publishing sites, factory tours and stores.

With so many disconnected data sources, Kirin found itself struggling to visualize and understand its customer. Beyond the multitude of brands, Kirin needed to blend online and offline experiences, including factory tours and in-store purchases. These multiple touchpoints indicate the need for personalized omnichannel marketing. For example, Kirin knew that factory tour experiences dramatically improved purchase propensity, but they found it challenging or nearly impossible to track a person’s factory trip to a marketing campaign.

Kirin was using an in-house data management system on AWS that was able to store customer data in separate, functional silos, with different units possessing different information. This worked well for traditional single channel marketing, but as more data was coming in and getting more complex – and being managed online and offline, the maintenance started to become more time-consuming.


Kirin deployed Treasure Data enterprise CDP to collect and analyze campaign data across digital channels, as well as sales events and storefront activities. Because a data management system was already in place, the installation was quick, and data transfer was seamless. With Treasure Data, Kirin was able to combine online browsing data, promotional event data and other data, to get a complete customer profile. Augmenting and unifying this data with offline data, Kirin could gain insights to improve marketing campaign performance. Treasure Data was also able to set up access for each advertising agency, giving them insights to their respective product lines.

By understanding 4 million customers with unique member IDs, Kirin saw an increase in sales by those visitors who experienced the personalized campaigns at the company’s concept shops, directly operated stores, and beer factory tours. Treasure Data allowed Kirin to analyze customer behavior during the customer’s buying journey and develop personalized, omnichannel marketing campaigns. Results of campaign measurements showed an increase in purchase frequency and improved customer lifetime value.

Master data cleanse

Identity matching (stitching)

Personalized omnichannel marketing

“The significance of personalized marketing was clearly confirmed by data. All customers purchased Kirin products, but those exposed to the personalized engagement were more likely to become loyal customers than those just exposed to standard campaigns.”

Mr. Naoki Nakajima, Digital Marketing

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