Building full-funnel metrics in a siloed world

Kapost's new chapter

Building full - funnel metrics in a siloed world

Performance and control advances to business operations.
Kapost, a B2B marketing platform, delivers a unique data-driven content marketing system to high - profile companies such as AT&T, IBM and LinkedIn. But when it came to building out their internal analytics, Kapost ran into obstacles familiar to any company trying to cross this digital divide.

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Like most companies, Kapost used a variety of SaaS tools, such as Mixpanel, Salesforce, and Marketo, to coordinate and automate its activities. However, none of these tools provided easy access to the raw data underneath. When Kapost wanted to build a new performance metric, they needed a small army of software engineers just to get the data out of these various tools.

As Kapost grew, the in-house database built to aggregate data could not keep up with the required changes and scale. The business operations team waited weeks for engineers to fix problems or add new aggregations. The gap between the company’s appetite for analytics and engineering’s bandwidth kept growing.


Treasure Data’s enterprise CDP allowed Kapost to centralize their data across multiple databases and SaaS tools, with no engineering required. The Business Operations team finally owned the entire system, empowered to create new queries and aggregates using Treasure Data’s intuitive interface.

In just 30 days, Kapost was able to centralize and provide easy access to all of the company’s data for the first time. Devops owned the process of ingesting sensitive product data, while giving Business Operations complete control over the business logic driving KPIs. Treasure Data freed Kapost’s Business Operations team from dependency on engineering, and provided them an analytics infrastructure as powerful as their data-driven content marketing platform.

“Treasure Data is the glue that sticks all of our various systems together.”

Trae Wallace, Director of Business Operations

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