Transforming the live gaming experience CDP win transforms the live gaming experience

Dependable and scalable access to data helps make games exciting for viewers and players. Using data to influence product development helps attract larger and more diverse audiences.

By building games with audiences in mind,, an interactive games company, is reshaping how live gaming, also known as eSports, can be as engaging and exciting to the fans, viewers and community as it is for the players. “There’s an enormous opportunity to transform the entire entertainment industry by creating games that tell great stories, turn players into compelling performers within those stories and give audiences the opportunity to interact with and influence those performances,” said Wright Bagwell, CEO of It’s the dependable and scalable access to data that enables to know what various audience groups want and to design games to meet those expectations.

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To lead the live video gaming industry, now the world’s fastest-growing sport, must design fun, easy-to-watch games. Only then will large audiences of both hardcore gamers and non-traditional audiences come together to create a massive community. All of this requires a deep understanding of players and the audience, including who they are, why they’re there and what they want to see in’s games.

Because their community members are so diverse, can’t just focus on audience members who are spending the most. They need to examine the behavior of all their customers, which requires collecting and analyzing enormous amounts of disparate data. And as products gain in popularity, audiences not only become larger, they also become more diverse.

Solution chose Treasure Data to help establish their data collection ecosystem and infrastructure. Treasure Data worked closely with to fully understand their data collection and analytics needs and desired outcomes. Raw event-level data is collected in real-time to capture every nuance of customer behavior. Captured data includes granular detail on each user’s activity, interactions and other aspects of their gaming sessions.


In addition to game development data, Treasure Data enterprise customer data platform (CDP) ingests microtransaction, advertising and payments data, Google Analytics, CRM information and demographics. Data can then be analyzed and activated in marketing channels, or sent to Tableau for reporting and visualization. also leverages Treasure Data’s machine learning to simplify operations and generate predictive results for greater marketing effectiveness.


Now, can better plan and understand what features to build and which game aspects generate better player performances and a bigger, more engaged audience.

“[With data] we’re building a game that’s so compelling to watch that it’s going to draw in a really large and diverse crowd of spectators, and not just other hardcore gamers.”

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