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Analysts benefit from instant access to unlocked data silos to access behavioral data and unified view of customer.

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With the perceived availability of data, executive demands increased from a few loosely defined KPIs and basic usage stats to a desire for behavioral game stats in detail. Since GREE’s analytics program grew organically, none of the data collection and storage systems were compatible with each other. Each title’s raw data was locked away in its own silo, completely inaccessible to other teams. Even if combined, data sets were incomplete and fragile data pipelines failed at what seemed to be the exact time product managers wanted to see effects of their changes.

Compounding this problem was the analytics team’s dependence on engineering. GREE’s analysts were always waiting on engineering to write MapReduce code to pull the data sets they needed. And as games aged, adjustments to data sets were constantly required.


With Treasure Data enterprise CDP, GREE’s engineers were able to immediately replace their silos and custom ingestion scripts with SDKs that collected and unified data seamlessly. Best of all, these new pipelines were schema-flexible, allowing them to process any new format without breaking down or losing data.


Suddenly, GREE’s analysts had instant access to data across the entire organization. Free from having to wait weeks for engineering, they could write ad-hoc queries and aggregations by themselves on the fly. They could even send their data out to any department or analytics tool they wanted without help from engineering.


With analysts in the driver’s seat, GREE’s analytics program took on a whole new life. Game-changing insights led to better user experiences and increased revenue across their entire portfolio, at a speed they’d never imagined. Treasure Data unlocked a universe of new analytics possibilities at GREE, helping them entrench their dominant position and develop the most played, and playable, mobile games on the market.

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